01 August 2006


I discovered the knitalong!

As a knitter who has absolutely no "knitting" friends, this is heaven.

So I signed up to a couple - ok, if one is completely correct - to several. (Reminded me of a few lines in a book I read: Wife - How many drinks have you had? Husband: A couple. Wife: A couple is two. Any number greater than two is several! Husband: Ok, several.)

So - several. They are:

Sock wars
A Sock a month
Mystery Sock knitalong

You may have noticed - there are only socks involved. Since I am as new to knitalongs as I am to blogging, I thought I'd start small. That good intention may not last however, considering there is that nifty little site with current knitalongs on it - 2006 Knitalongs.

Well, if I could only figure out now how to put the buttons for them in the sidebar at blogger, I'd be extatic. (Doesn't seem to take much to get me into that state!

1 comment:

msubulldog said...

I am so glad you're joining our Mystery Sock Knitalong! Would you please send me your email address so I can send you a Blogger invite? (it lets you post to our knitalong website)
Amanda (msubulldog)
amandawoodruff AT gmail DOT com