28 November 2006

X-rays to come...

Well, a quick update regarding Ari. He is at the vet today for x-rays to check his progress and I'll report back tomorrow with the verdict from the vet.

On another matter, I have found this newsstory today and thought to share it with you. It is about knitting, charity and how it cannot only make a difference to the recipient, but the knitter. Have a look.


To everyone, have a wonderful holiday season. Reading this story certainly has made me think about what we all can do to make the world a nicer and better place, not just in the run up to Christmas, but any day of the year.

20 November 2006

Doggie update.. and even more socks... sockmania?

First to let you all know, Ari is doing a lot better and he thanks you for all the good wishes. He is able to walk a little on the leg now and is using it happily to balance when necessary.

Lulu on the other hand, while healing nicely, is still keeping well away from him whenever he comes even close to her rear end. But she happily holds still for doggie kisses to her face and ears, like any girl would!!

On the knitting front, my brother's Christmas present is growing apace and the socks are growing too... I can't seem to stop starting new ones whenever a pair is finished. Sockmania for sure!!!

I'll keep you posted with progress from Ari and Lulu, next update will be after Ari's X-Ray's in about a week's time. Then we know for sure how well things are progressing.

07 November 2006

Doggie problems... and more socks

It has been a while since I have posted, mostly due to the fact that my dear boy Aragon managed to break his leg 2 weeks ago. Impetuous male that he is, he thought he could jump off a 2m drop off without problems, but didn't count on the forest path being very rutted because of the recent heavvy rains here. So, he twisted, fell and broke both ulna and radius. The result: Surgery and an external fixator.

Everything went well until Sunday night. He was feeling better and could put weight on the leg, walking slowly and for balance. So, I guess he thought he was up to practicing his lovemaking technique with Lulu. Bad idea. The fixator caught on Lulu's hind leg and they got stuck. Lulu went crazy and tried to get away, Ari was screaming and so was Lulu. Subsequent result: Lulu has a small laceration in her skin on her leg and needed disinfecting and checking over by the vet. Ari had to have surgery again to reposition the fixator and to repair the rebroken fractures.

Lesson learned by me: Males are idiots and need to be kept from females while injured. Have to run to Argos and buy doggie gate (somewhat larger version of a baby gate to prevent jumping over).

Would you all believe that this took two minutes only. I was in the kitchen making a sandwich.

So, from now on while together at home, dogs will be separated by doggie gate until Ari's leg has healed.

On the knitting front, I have made a lot of socks and my sock of the month account is growing. I am working on my Stepdad's cardigan to finish it for Christmas and on my brother's jumper. It's growing, that's all I can say at the moment.

I will post photos of all of it once the weather here is nicer, at the moment it seems like it used to be in London... rain, rain and more rain. But we need it, so I won't complain (ok, maybe grumble a little!).

So.. back to the knitting grindstone to finish those pressies......