16 August 2006

Another pair of socks.... and a couple of lazy dogs!

I had a knit fit in the last 24 hours. The Mystery Sock KAL called to me and I couldn't resist starting the Shell Socks from knitaddicted.com.

I made them out of some leftover and froggedMerino 2000 from Lana Grossa, very nice and soft, to be used only for toasty toes around the house. Would you believe they used to be part of a cardigan a few years ago?

Also, while I ws working hard on the socks, the dogs decided it was time to relax - considering they don't have opposable thumbs and therefore cannot knit, not a bad way to pass the time.


lexa said...

Nice socks and cute dogs! I had a pattern picked out for the Mystery Sock KAL but changed my mind. I saw a picture of one and didn't like it. Neither did the person who knit that one! She wasn't going to do the second one and decided to look for another pattern.

Shelley said...

I like those socks! I'm not doing the mystery sock KAL, but it does sound like fun.