12 September 2006

Faroese Shawl...

Well, I have finished the Faroese Shawl, including weaving in ends. It just needs blocking, but first I need to find the space to do so... Ok, I have space, but currently not one that is dog/cat free, and since I don't want either to sleep on it while it blocks, I have to figure out something.

The pomatomus socks and the baudelaire's are growing, which is good, since sock wars are upon us soon. I'll also start with the scarf for the ISE3 as soon as the yarn arrives. So the more FO's until then, the better. So, better get back to my knitting and less blogging, LOL.

1 comment:

KellyD said...

Hey its me! Glad to hear your job is going well. Thrilled to hear about your finishing the shawl. Where did you find the progress bars?? Heres my email addy
ensatia4u@aol.com. thanks!