22 September 2006

Big weekend ahead....

Well, on the knitting front there have been few changes, I've completed one sock of a pair of Baudelaire's, started on a pair of Hedera's (knitty.com) with yarn from the lovely TricotTreat (etsy) and frogged my SKB and started anew with smaller size needles and different gauge. It just was too loose and didn't look right. I am using the instructions for one size larger than I'd normally need and it works like a charm now!

But the weekend.....the dogs and I have a big one coming up. They are both entered in the Gibraltar Dog Show and are competing for the title of Gibraltar Junior Champion. I have high hopes for Aragon, but I think Andalousie will need to grow up a bit more. But then, you never know what the judges think.

So tonight the preparations begin. Pack the bag, make sure I have all their papers, including passports and pedigrees and then the dogs themselves... need to be brushed, bathed, dried and brushed again!

No big deal with Ari, he loves water and fussing and will be easy. I have to make sure he stays out of the bathtub any other time, so he won't be a problem though. Lulu though ... well, let's say she's a different kettle of fish! Doesn't like water, will have to be carried or dragged into the bathroom and then tied to the rail in the tub, otherwise she'll try to jump out. So... who to start with, the easy one or the one who'll give me fits? I'll let you know tomorrow how it turned out, together with the Saturday results.

Wish us luck!!!!

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