15 June 2007

Life Happens.....

Well, it has been over six months since I blogged. First, there was all the Christmas Knitting. I got it all finished, but only just! A few things were done very last minute, like finishing my brother´s jumper in the middle of the night of the 23rd.

In the new year, there has been a lot of work, lots of rehab for Aragon and not quite as much progress as I would have liked. He required a third surgery to remove a tiny bone plaque that built up during the healing process. However, since the bone callous is impeding the tendon he is still limping and may be for quite some time.

On a very sad note, a dear family member passed away quite suddenly a few weeks ago. I spent almost five weeks in Germany to help with arrangements and sort out possessions afterwards. It helped all of us to be together, but now it is good to be back home as well and to get back into a routine. It doesn't mean I miss my loved one any less, but it does help nevertheless.

Hopefully, with the time coming up, I will blog more regularly again. My return is being marked by redesigning my blog and hopefully enjoying it more this way.

Next time round I'll let you know what is happening with my knitting, there are quite a few projects on the needles, even if they languished alone and untouched for the time I was away. Also, there are a few plans to show Andalousie, hopefully she'll do me proud.

To look forward to is a visit to New York next year, with my grand mother, my brother and his fiancee. We will see Placido Domingo sing in The First Emperor. I cannot wait....

So.. a lot of things to talk about for the next few months.

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Tricot Treat said...

I am so sorry for your loss. Please check your email for a message from me.