28 November 2006

X-rays to come...

Well, a quick update regarding Ari. He is at the vet today for x-rays to check his progress and I'll report back tomorrow with the verdict from the vet.

On another matter, I have found this newsstory today and thought to share it with you. It is about knitting, charity and how it cannot only make a difference to the recipient, but the knitter. Have a look.


To everyone, have a wonderful holiday season. Reading this story certainly has made me think about what we all can do to make the world a nicer and better place, not just in the run up to Christmas, but any day of the year.


Dorene said...

Happy New Year!
Tag! You're it!
Come to my blog for details...

Dorothy said...

Knitting can soothe the soul and connect us to each other in a very elemental way.