20 November 2006

Doggie update.. and even more socks... sockmania?

First to let you all know, Ari is doing a lot better and he thanks you for all the good wishes. He is able to walk a little on the leg now and is using it happily to balance when necessary.

Lulu on the other hand, while healing nicely, is still keeping well away from him whenever he comes even close to her rear end. But she happily holds still for doggie kisses to her face and ears, like any girl would!!

On the knitting front, my brother's Christmas present is growing apace and the socks are growing too... I can't seem to stop starting new ones whenever a pair is finished. Sockmania for sure!!!

I'll keep you posted with progress from Ari and Lulu, next update will be after Ari's X-Ray's in about a week's time. Then we know for sure how well things are progressing.

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Shelley said...

Congratulations on winning the November prize for the Sock A Month KAL!!